This year's ideathon theme is "Reinventing the Wheel." We're encouraging participants to take a product or idea (or game!) and redesign it with a new flair. Judges from Sledgehammer Games will evaluate your idea based on: 1) overall design and creativity of the game, 2) technical achievement, 3) execution of your idea (is it finished/usable?), 4) how related it is to the theme, 5) artistic value, and 6) bonus points for something coded!


Please submit a slide deck that gives an overview of your project for review by our judges and for our final presentation session. Your slides should cover the following: how you have reinvented the usual idea, how your idea can compete against current products, and a general development plan and budget.

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$300 in prizes

Nintendo Switch

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Wes Hendrix

Wes Hendrix

Mercedes James

Mercedes James

Louis Sanders

William Penn

Judging Criteria

  • Overall design and creativity
  • Technical Achievement
  • Execution of your idea
    Is it finished? Is it usable?
  • How well does it relate or capitalize on the theme?
  • Artistic value, including art, music, sound effects, UI, FX, or characters
  • Bonus points: submit code/technical work!

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